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Moving on up, the NEXT CHAPTER November 14, 2018 14:46

Wisconsin bound, another chapter of this great life of ours.

So long Coeur d Alene...until we meet again

Everything is happening as it should... July 10, 2018 18:12

“I didn’t see my own accomplishment; I saw my Fathers reaction to my accomplishment”

Boundaries or BUST June 12, 2018 19:14

“The only people who get upset when you set boundaries are the ones who benefited from you having none.”


unlearning what you've learned June 12, 2018 13:18

"It takes years as a woman to unlearn what you have been taught to be  sorry about." 

Safety First?? I think NOT... April 17, 2018 16:04

I learned that all this SAFETY and shields from our fears are actually nets we throw over our heads

Warm Fuzzies, Girlfriends and Feeling whole January 8, 2018 15:49

Maybe all this unbecoming stuff is also full circle moments in which your past relationships or stories bear fruit to teach you how far you have come.  Or maybe they translate into a kind of love you can only see when your eyes are open. - Rebecca Armstrong

What is your brand? Thoughts from a small business human December 30, 2017 13:54


Over the years and all those shows and events Ive been repeatedly asked, "Is this a brand?" or "Is this your brand?" and every time I got caught off guard as to what would be the most professional answer. Even when not feeling professional.  It all kinda irked me and today I was just thinking....Why does it irk me? The truth is , there seems to be some slight tinge of stupidity and or a little insecurity on my part and the person in question.  Kinda being a little judgy wudgy here but YES its my BRAND and YES its a part of me but the way you are asking it has got me thinking, there is more to me than just a BRAND.  First thing that comes to mind is a mental picture of a cow on a farm and a cowboy slapping its butt wit a hot stick and hes yelping in pain at the unexpectedness, the BRANDING. Yes, the cowboy was cute in my mental picture with his wranglers and plaid shirt, and that six pack!  Okay, back to task here.

Recently on one of my many coffee shop chats with an old friend we were talking shop about my future camp . Her, being a small business owner also, was sharing some story and I cant remember the story line but I do remember her saying or talking about something along the lines of , "YES!! its personal"  "and don't tell me to not take it personal because its PERSONAL"  This friend has a local business and a family. Her family is now being extended with cute little nuggets of grandchildren and she has an amazing husband and shop.  They travel, workout, meet with friends, take adventures and love dogs and other things. They are small business owners with a "BRAND" or a "BABY" or a "HOBBY" or simply a means to express herself and make a living. 

"Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how your leave others feeling after having an experience with you becomes your trademark."

She is just like me, another great woman making a life for herself while supplementing her family and being a model for her children and grandchildren.  What I'm trying to convey here is that SHE is all of us. No matter what title you give yourself or how you portray yourself in the world and outside your home is your Brand.  Doesn't mean you have to have a storefront or a website or do shows and events.  It means, if you do have a small business , it is your BRAND and how you do your business represents who you are or who you would like to be.  Even though you are more than a BRAND, so much more, you are putting your hopes and dreams for the world to see and bygone! its personal !

Now.....this doesn't mean we take all things personal.  There are people who are gonna not like your stuff or what you represent.  Everyone has different tastes and different incomes or they simply are not buying or looking.  This year has been a year of big change for me and some events have been less than spectacular in sales .  I have had some really scary changes and realities.  The weather has played a huge part. Ive experienced doubt for the first time ever after nine years and sometimes a burnout as caused some depression but always , always there has been that special note written, a sweet text sent or a sign from the universe to keep on going.  This is life and it doesn't have anything to do with my brand but it has everything to do with ME, its personal.....

You have to not be afraid, sometimes easier said than done.  That afraidness (I'm gonna make it a word) is FEAR of the unknown.  Your brand may be changing into a different form, you may be unbecoming who you really are. You may be in a "lesson" that life has to teach you and you may , just maybe onto something bigger and better.

How will you present your BRAND ? and what will you say to that next person who irks you?

Is it possible the uneasiness you feel or I sometimes feel is just an insecurity that you didn't know you still had? What if your life lessons have put you in a place to share with others your story so that they might feel more ready to present themselves ?

So as I sit here with my thoughts all over the place, I hope I'm making a bit sense. Time to walk the dog, Happy Saturday and the last few days before 2018. Go out there and be who you want to be but please don't hide. You have so much to present to this world , more than you'll ever know.  When someone ask you about your work or how you spend your days....Kindly respond, YES ! DAMN STRAIGHT !! This is me!


Being present and really hearing people, the lessons of 2017 December 19, 2017 16:20

You don't get happy from getting , you get happy from BEING authentic!!  This I know is true!

The very first Camp Peace Within February 28, 2017 11:03

Where do I start ? Where do I begin ? My heart is still soaring and my mind still reminiscing on an incredible weekend that I am very proud of.  I was taken to many emotions and a little bit of nervousness as I started Friday night welcoming 17 women to a weekend in the Mountains of Coeur d Alene , Idaho. After decorating the day before with Gladys we were spent but felt a great sense of accomplishment when the rooms came together and our meeting place came to life and comfort.  We were ready to see what the weekend would unfold.  Before we set out a few little trinkets and last minute touches, I stood on a bench and looked out at our beautiful lake and took a few breaths.  After months of stress and planning and a lot of meetings at Barnes and Noble with Gladys, I knew we were ready but wasn't sure how I was gonna feel about doing another one.  Fear kicked in a little as the unknown tried to peak into my mind.  The first camper arrived and it was a long time friend, it gave me some trust to see her face and her smile.  One by one campers were pulling up and had big smiles with a trace of  the unknown themselves.  There was a little bit of risk for both parties because they didn"t know what to expect but the most amazing thing was that 90% of the ladies took a leap of faith and courage as they emailed me to say, "I'm coming alone, I"m doing this for myself" .  We settled in with some bloody mary's and wine and cheese.  Those that came with friends stayed together and those that came alone introduced themselves and checked out the view.  The night then progressed to dinner and a art session with Elaine.  Having had very little sleep the night before I headed to bed to attempt a fresh start for Saturday morning and my speech, Changing your story.  I skipped breakfast, I needed to prepare so I asked Gladys to lead the breakfast and have the campers grab journals for the first event of the day.  I said to myself before I started, "your going to rock this" I kinda did, but my heart was sad to learn of the ladies fears and some with low self esteem.  Each women had a story and each of them had beautiful souls.  I looked to some of the elders for wisdom and everyone started to interact.  I started to feel proud of myself as the speech came to an end, not for the speech, I have more fine tuning to do.  I was proud I did something to connect women and followed a dream blindly.  It has taken me years to be proud of myself and really feel it.  I started to let my guard down and breathed a sigh of relief as the hardest part was coming to an end.  As we embarked on the hike and was in nature I felt more confidence and my soul started to swell as we were surrounded by beauty and a light snowfall.  Everyone was ready for some outdoor love and exercise.

As the afternoon progressed there was more workshops and insight to health by Brittany and a short nap before Dinner and a live concert with Robby.  As the music started to flow and we all snuggled close to listen, I was filled with an overwhelming amount of GRATITUDE.  I thought of my Dad who gave me the gift of song and music.  I was overcome with emotion of the songs and the passion of the guitar player, I cried tears of love and I knew I had done it, my very first camp was a success.  I couldn't stop smiling but the night wasn't over.  Games and pajama party and Gladys smores bar closed out the night.  Tons of gut and belly laughs presumed and the bond of the women was ten fold, I love everyone of them!!  It was amazing how perfect each one was and how life works to bring us together.  All of us will take what we got out of the weekend with them.  Some of us had to face tough times going home and some had to contemplate life a little.  I hope I inspired and instilled a little in each person.  We burned the sadness and the insecurities into the fireplace. We said goodbye to low self worth and fear.  As each person tossed their piece into the fireplace, I felt a sense of hope that we would all move forward.  Onward to the next one, never let anyone dim your light! Everyone has something to offer and together we are much stronger than just one.

its just your story.. January 12, 2017 23:49






Today I decided to share a little bit of the peace within "change your story " logo. Our stories that we tell separate us from all the people we meet on a daily basis and all the people that have been in our lives. It doesn't mean we are different than each other or we can put ourselves in a category that is superior or inferior to how we are feeling at this moment in time, they are simply the story we keep telling ourselves but they are not US. This story we tell is just where we are at in this exact moment. You see my friend, you've got to understand that your story is not your identity of who you are its just what you keep telling yourself. That self talk that is sabotaging you and keeping you safe in that little bubble you enslave yourself in. You stay in safety and not deal with your fears or you break away from your story because you have realized that you no longer have a reason to keep wanting this or that  your no longer searching for ways to be happy. You've broken the bubble you spent so many years in . You see , the wanting more and the searching for ways and the fixing you've wasted so much time on are simply little decoys of staying in the safety of your bubble story.  Stepping outside of your story/identity and revealing who you really are is trust me, its called Happiness.  Its not what you thought it would look like, a new job, a new spouse , car , vacation ....it's changing your thinking to the story you've told all your adult life thus far.  For some it started in childhood and just kept getting bigger and bigger.   Trying for example, "giving FB a break" or not surrounding yourself with bad people, avoiding all things you consider bad for yourself....Its all Fear and Safety and has nothing to do with the people,things, social media you blamed for it, it has to do with YOU and your story.

It truly is amazing when you step out of the story you are hanging on to and identifying yourself with, it truly is amazing the person you become without the fear and shelter you have put yourself in .  People have gone so far, including myself,wasting a LOT of time trying to FIX and CHANGE all the bad things you say and do to yourself when really its just that, WASTED time. Life and all the pain we have experienced or may experience is part of what makes you who you are. When you realize that those pains and stories you have told or become are just stepping stones of a POSITIVE direction if only and ONLY when you see it. If you keep adding it as a negative ingredient in your life then it stays as the story you keep adding to. It goes to the crap portion of your ingredient of your story and back to your own safety net.   When you figure out its just YOU adding the ingredient and playing victim to your own story, you will then begin to CHANGE YOUR STORY which hence is the message I am here to share.  Not because I havn't experienced it myself but because I did and I changed my story.  So what I'm saying is , change the ingredients of your story and whip up something less painful and look at it as YOUR LIFE and not your past or your identity.  Its the only way that things will "taste" good and you will then feel like you are in your own shoes, made for you at birth. Youll find you are living the life that you want without all the safety and fear ingredients you have stored while telling your same story.   If you would like to explore this further I will be opening this up once more in February at my first camp.  I have no title of life coach or motivational speaker, I am just telling my peace within story on a t shirt or at a fun weekend getaway :)

The Photo above is of a dear friend Paula sporting our change your story sweatshirt that will be available again soon

Sign up for camp if you wish ,


Camp peace within, the journey and the vision January 4, 2017 21:21

In November of 2016  at the crack of dawn, I headed out for Seattle, WA for yet another Holiday show. Not being much of a morning person, this was new for me to leave at o' dark and watch the beautiful sunrise.  It became more therapeutic than I had envisioned but just like 9 years ago, I had another epiphany.  I came up with the idea to start a camp, an overnight camp with the first one being winter camp in order to have a possible snowshoe and get out a little and help others to be inspired by nature and of course a new way of sharing the peace within story.

My main goal for Camp on February 24-26th is simply to gather women for a FUN weekend !  A weekend getaway from the day to day life of being stressed and busy...too busy doing things you have to do instead of things you want to do.  The weekend is designed of many different workshops.  Not your typical retreat you read about, not all crafty and not all serious.  My vision is that we be open to a little health workshop, a couple creative workshops where you are simply doing something with your hands and you are completely relaxed. Learn the importance of having hobbies and a feeling of belonging with other women who are either like-minded or just open to new things. 

New Years resolutions and all the stress of bettering ourselves is usually short lived and never planned with conviction, and frankly they usually die after a month or two.  All these promises we make to ourselves and the promises we never keep are usually based on Fear or failure. 

Camp peace within will start with a bloody Mary or simply a big ol smile and excitement. Saturday night will be live music/Sing along, to let you loose and remind you of all those camps Mom and Dad may or may not have shipped you off to.  All the events will simply happen to get you to thinking and spending time with yourself surrounded by others in the same quest as you!  To take better care of ourselves and simply make a decision to come to camp is telling yourself that you ARE WORTHY and YOU SHOULD DO SOMETHING outside the box you usually lock yourself into !

I hope by sharing my story this weekend along with some other guest speakers that you will then want to change yours because

"nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know" 

Camp will be rustic but clean, no makeup required and simply only warm comfortable clothing.  You should bring your favorite jeans and that favorite hat and just BE YOU with no strings attached!!

To sign up for Camp while spaces are available click link below


Events 2017 January 6, 2015 19:45

We are so excited to participate in some new events as well as our Favorites !  We love spreading peace within all over the United States one person or dog at a time :)

MAY 13TH, FOUND VINTAGE @Icicle Ridge Winery, Leavenworth , WA

May 27th CDA Marathon packet pickup, Cda Resort Shops

June 3-4The Farm Chicks- Spokane Country Fairgrounds

July 7-8 Missoula Marathon, Caras Park MIssoula, Montana

July 21-22 Pinspiration Market, Spokane County Fairgrounds

July 26th Wine. Women. and Shoes Coeur d Alene, Idaho Resort

August 4,5,6th Coeur d Alene Street Fair, Sherman AVE.

August 18 and 19 Pickin on the Prairie, Joe Albi Stadium, Spokane, WA.

September 22-23 Madhatters Vintage Market, FIve Mile, Spokane

October 27-28 Autumn Craft Market, WSU Beasley Auditorium