The First SIX MONTHS August 12, 2019 11:36

July 30th marked the first six months of living our next chapter in Wisconsin.  Where do I begin?  Things are changing and I am trying to take it all in.  Jeff and I have no regrets of the move but we have both been in and out of depression at times as we navigate this new life and cut the cord to our Idaho life.  Its the only way to not look back and compare because there is so much more beauty to see and life to live.

Let me tell you, beauty is not lacking here !!  Ive felt and seen so much nostalgia to be hearts content and watched so many sunsets in six months than my first 51 years of life here on earth!.  I’m used to sunsets so grand with the smoke from the PNW fires and here they are grand with no fires.  Ive sat on peoples docks or in kayaks or simply driving and jaunting up a hill to catch the fall of the sun as it drops behind the landscape so I guess you would call me a chaser now.    I found a walking buddy and weve stayed committed to three days a week at 8:30 am and its almost always a shore path walk and we always shoot for 3 miles or more these mornings.  We have missed some for vacations and appointments but I have kept them up with the dogs or Jeff in the evenings as we try and figure out a new plan for him also.  For 16 years he has worked from home and was able to take a break in the middle of the day and get a walk in but now he dresses up everyday and drives 36 min to work and comes home around6-6:30 so he is trying to find balance too.

Weve had a handful of visitors or family and friends and a 75% finished house.  We will do a few projects to finish out some things but it will take more time.  I still have some empty wall space as i search for the perfect paintings or art work.  We love our home!! Weve walked to dinner, farmers markets, festivals, coffee, ice cream , sunsets and backyard parties.  Its one of my most favorite things here to be in the center of it all and still have a nice, quiet , peaceful yard.

Now to the heavy stuff……..IT IS NOT EASY…….I LOVE IT AND WE HAVE NO REGRETS…but its NOT EASY.    Ive struggled with starting over in relationships and especially in my peace within business.  Ive met fear again and “what is my purpose” again and Ive broken down and gotten back up and Im still trying to figure it all out .  Ive learned so much and am trying to get back to my big energy and big smiling self…I am not complaining at all.  On the flip side, I feel so lucky that we get a clean slate and new adventures and possibilities… IT really is the next chapter in so many ways and it makes one wonder and think so much that my sleep has been non existent for 6 months.  I cannot express enough the power of timing in life and how things really work the way they are gonna work and we really don't have much say in it.  You can have a vision and be positive and put it out there in the universe but ultimatley its something else that decides when we are ready for the next lesson.

Part of the struggle of adjusting is for me , is having some structure again and making time to work.  Currently I am trying to get my goods into stores again and I have had to make some changes out of my comfort zone.  Peace within has been around for 11 years and I have never raised my prices and have mostly broke even.  Part of change is at some point you have to stop serving others and serving yourself.  So I have just been getting it out in the open again and I raised my prices so that I can get ahead and be able to keep doing this thing called life and sharing my story.   Part of cutting the cord and moving forward was not wanting to lose old customers like you.   I have loved you for so long but I need to love myself also and we have no control of how people will react but those who respect you and relate will still follow.

I still have a long ways to go but wanted to share some words with you and hope that you understand and follow the journey of peace within.

Have a great week. xoxo