TODAY WAS JOY December 7, 2020 19:57

Tonight as I sit all cozy at the fire and my favorite blanket in my lap and a neck warmer heating pad thing I am EXHAUSTED.  Today was just too much JOY.  Is there anything as too much Joy ? Not really but its just how I feel.

Its a Monday and you know how those go, they are sometimes depressing after a weekend of lots of stuff going on at home and a start of a new week.  I have intentionally tried to schedule meetings etc on Monday to get my brain over the Monday blues and start new patterns. Today on the schedule was pick up a coffee and hit the road for a local adventure with Kelly.  This past weekend was kinda a funk as my husband and I were just in a funk, nothing was wrong and life is still full of gratitude but honestly we cant always be upbeat all the time.  So back to my day.  We hit a nursery and since we havn't seen each other for a bit it was a catch up fest in the car.  This nursery is local and only open on the weekend and Mondays for the off season.  She had it all setup with Christmas garlands and branches and a fire roaring outside.  We were bundled up in coats and sweaters and the coffee beans in our tummies.

I don't know what it really was that sparked so much Joy but I just had this amazing feeling of being in a artistic frame of mind and I noticed how happy I was and the energy I was emoting.  I felt like throwing 20 dollar bills out the car window or complimenting the artist who designed everything in this old barn and I DID.   I told her she had a gift , a gift of putting art in the barn gift shop and in the wreaths and garlands.  She had a 100 watt smile and was connected to our joy in seeing her beautiful place .   My friend Kelly was riding the same energy wavelength as me and feeling Joyful also.  I said to her " we look like really crazy tourists or just plain crazy people"  She laughed and said ," yes your crazy and its the exact reason why I love you " .  I replied, "well we will just be crazy happy together and plan all our outings on Mondays and make this a tradition"  She did a thumbs up.

I realized today, I am not like anyone else.  Im proably the happiest I have ever been in my life and tommorrow I could feel exactly the opposite and that is OKAY.

Joy works in different ways for different people but let me tell you, its an energy and a light that everyone has and few let it shine bright.

Ive been very aware of what is going on in this world lately and Im kinda over the negativity that has engrossed peoples souls with COVID.   Yes there are days I want to break all the rules and go down the street to the local pub and have a glass of wine.  BUT I DONT.  Ive found joy in being home and making more meals and having days when I dont want to be social and funky days that come and go.

Ive found that I choose to not let fear win and Ive turned into a BALLER, SHOT CALLER.  Ive called friends and family out on their unkind ways. Ive been blunt to friends and apologized . Ive said sorry and I love you more than I ever have.  Ive giggled with glee with my husband on the couch.  Ive snuggled with my dogs and told them I love them the same way I tell humans.  Ive been barefoot in the cold yard for some grounding.  Ive finally felt like a Wisconsinite after a learning period of two years where Ive given up control and let life flow the way its planned to flow.

Covid vaccine isn't coming anytime soon and I will learn more I'm sure.  I will add more books and lose more weight and add more greens to each meal.  I will dance with Joy in public again like today and not apologize for it.

I started another chapter of my business during COVID and gained more knowledge in the form of adobe illustrator.  Ive gained more confidence in creating for myself and for others and I found something really really good for my next business endeavors. 

SO, what usually happens is when I write Im all over the place and some people will get it and some wont .  My mom will read this and ask for more.  I will lay my head down tonight thankful as usual and full of love and JOY for every part of my life.  My wish is that you will feel this energy of Joy i experienced today and that you will be less judgemental about life and others .  When we put out the good we receive the good and we pass it on .  Its what the world needs today and everyday, the spread of small and large Joys passed around like confetti.


As Kelly would say, whisper good from the mouth , the mouth of babes.

I also leave you with this amazing quote I found today also...

"You'll never have to negotiate your way into a heart that wants you there"

BE JOY and enjoy it with those that can receive.