unlearning what you've learned June 12, 2018 13:18

"It takes years as a woman to unlearn what you have been taught to be  sorry about." 

About three years ago I was just approaching 47 and came up with my "change your story" collection for peace within apparel. It has changed designs and templates but the lesson and the story have remained the same.  I have personally changed a lot of my stories now that I am 50 but it isnt always a quick switcheroo.
In my annual camps, we have discussed changing the things that havnt worked for us in the past and or some they have been clouded by fear or they just got distracted and didnt like change.
For a woman, I find it so valuable to change the way we think and do things because most likely the generations that have marched before us aren't going to change.  I think a big part of our lives are spent blaming and hoping that things change on their own. Depending on what they are , most things stay the same but life in general is an journey of changes and lessons to get you to change how you see and react to things that touch you emotionally inside.  I have always sought the wisdom of those older than me, thinking they would all be ahead of the game called life.  From my journey and experience, age has nothing to do with it. There are generations of ladies that I interact with that still hold onto things from their past and even though I respect their journey I sometimes cringe inside thinking, "why are they so stuck in their stories "??????? . Don't get me wrong here, I am not a perfect cookie or a know at all but I have spent so much time perfecting my craft and Ive been on both sides of the grass!  Sometimes in the passion of my heart and soul I have gone too far with always a good intention but it ended up hurting the other person and changing the course of the friendship.
When you are questioning your relationships with others , you are usually right.  Depending on who you are and if you are a people pleaser, your going to experience life through your relationships .  They can be beneficial in so many ways !  Good and Bad , these relationships teach you how to "unlearn what you have been taught ". 
I grew up with a lot of love and freedom to be who I was but I also grew up with a lot of criticism and judgement so my life's journey this far has been changing the people pleasing to pleasing myself and those close to me.  The journey has been unlearning to love more and judge less.  To meet people where they are at and to smile gracefully in return.
Changing your story is unlearning and unbecoming who you really are.  Its a constant game you have to play until you realize how your thinking affects your actions and your triggers .
I started the unbecoming project as a way to help others examine their relationships so that they can be more authentic with themselves.  IT IS THE KEY TO EVERYTHING.
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Happy Monday my friends!