Understanding Wise, seeing the wisdom of things August 16, 2016 19:16 1 Comment

So lately I am in a weird funk or I should say, Im "seeing" alot of life messages and a bit overwhelmed with the information and not sure what to do with it but somehow I am "feeling" the work that is being presented.  I am writing about how life works in so many different ways and for me I am at the age or place where its right up into my face as if someone is in my personal space or your own hand is strategically placed in front of your nose and you are a bit blurred by it but ,you put some reader glasses on and its perfectly clear.

I am seeing life work in others also and how things come when we most need them or how timing is everything !!!  Recently, I am dealing with some business stuff that needs to change and is causing me to step out of my comfort zone.  Did you know that sometimes what your doing is not neccessarily about what your doing but just simply life moving and teaching you in general???? Hard to explain but stay with me......What if your journey, your relationships with people, your business , your job isn't really what its all about but its Life in general just working through you ........As you get older you get wiser and you aquire wisdom or you could be a lifetime wisdom seeker but you don't like confrontation or negative and you just want to be happy all the time??  Not always possible but you can make choices towards that but its not the Things you do or the identity or titles you pickup, its YOU  and you are either seeing it or your not ready to see it.  You may never see it but when you do you are kinda like feeling overwhelmed or not sure of the process or why you meet the people you do or work the jobs you work, or get swayed in an opposite direction of what you had pictured for your life and your journey...

Let me backtrack a little here...I tend to go all over the place trying to share my message ... This weekend a friend told me they were on a bike ride and was dropped, or just could'nt stay with a group and she was crying for whatever reason and one person from the group I was riding in happened to see her and be there so she rode with us and was then feeling inspired and back on track getting the workout done.  These are instances that I am talking about, that person that showed up out of the blue was there for a reason for this friend and it was a blessing and or being in the right place at the right time kind of thing but really this is life working as it does.   What im sharing is , life works as it should and oftentimes we dont see it but things like that happen all the time to me and to others.  Sometimes when you dont see it , its because it wasnt meant for you to see or you are not ready.  You didnt miss anything and it will come. 

"My heart is at ease knowing what was meant for me will never miss me, and that what misses me was never meant for me " Imam Al-Shafil

So right now my journey is going down a different road than what I am comfortable with and has to do with how I was raised.  What I mean by that is we have to understand why we do what we do and how we react to things based on what we learned as a child. I had to deal with a hearing impairment, it has NOT kept me from succeeding in any way.  Most people use things about themselves as an excuse or a roadblock to where they really want to go.  Whats keeping me from moving forward is timing and being ready to learn what life has to teach.  Timing is everything!!! Life is moving in the direction as it should but you have to have your glasses on because blurry is too risky. Whats keeping one from moving forward is not changing the story you keep telling yourself!!!

For me, that is not liking confrontation from being a people pleaser all my life and being loved conditionally instead of unconditionally in my past, childhood. This is NOT a blog or writing about anger towards parents or anything this is just about wading through life and teaching others how to get to where they want to go.  I get tickled pink and inspired when I have these ah ha moments and love to share what I have learned because WISDOM is everything to me.  And just like I said above , I got a life message in a way that a quote was presented to me in a way that caught my eye and of course it was what I needed to hear and see and hence what I am writing about today.

"What has gone wrong becomes an opening to more of yourself and part of your gift to the world. This is the beginning of wisdom"  Krista Tippett

So remember, no fear of the unknown, dont go to your cave, stay the course and  to surround yourself with people who are living their truth or are seeking wisdom.  Surround yourself with love and kindness and appreciate those friends that lend you books that can help you on your journey or friends that lend you their time . Together we can build a world that we can all walk in and be open to life's little snippets.  Lastly, have peace within and spread that peace no matter where you are on your journey, wear your "glasses" and be open when you are ready, its a much better road than staying on an unchanging roadblock.