Don't sugarcoat your relationships May 9, 2018 19:15

Lately as life is blooming with the spring flowers and sunny days, I I've gotten out more to enjoy some of my favorite things that make me happy like the great outdoors !  On the other hand its like the "bears" are coming out of hibernation, which they are . The real bears!  But what I'm talking about here is simply the humans are coming out and trying to figure what path to choose on life after a long winters nap.

Its been frustrating feeling stuck in my own goals and having experiences that are certainly here to teach me something but I want the long story short!
The most important aspect of life seems to be our relationships with family and friends. Co workers,acquaintances, etc and it seems we are all just trying to juggle them so that they have meaning and a purpose.  We are trying to categorize them and put them in boxes to our own comfort zones.  What if all of these are just life's little messages hidden behind faces and brains you cannot see unless you open them up.  What about the ones you've spent so much time with but they have never opened? What if they are the kind where you have to walk on eggshells and or ones that make you feel like you cannot be 100% yourself around? 
I find that we spend a lot of time thinking about these things and they are no different than other distractions or things that life brings and has to teach us.
My peeve personally these days are the relationships that are based on telling you what they think you want to hear but you know very well that isn't really how they feel.   What does this feeling bring to you ? Its raising your trust radar and blinking a light really fast .  Is this real love ? real friendship?   The answer lies in YOU ...if you are feeling this way and observing these traits your probably in a really good place and you recognize the importance of your own time and feelings.  What are you doing about it ?  Are you staying stuck in your ways and sweeping it under the rug?  Is that person ever going to change ?  Probably not. Only you can change.  Only you can get to a point where you take control of your thoughts and your old habits.  This applies to everything in life and all relationships.  This doesn't mean you close your heart up a little and shield  your fears.  It doesn't mean you stop talking to the person or putting yourself on a pedestal.  It means simply , you made a boundary that you established for yourself and for them.  You are respecting yourself and them.  They may not know it right now and they may never will.  The moral of the story is is just floating by and its in all the flowers of Spring. all the people you meet and have known, all the relationships and hardships. All the journeys and triumphs the highs and lows of each day.
Go be a good person.  Be a kind one. Be YOU so you don't have to waste time juggling others behaviors and journeys.  Do not play small when you know someone isn't being ll waste years of your life.  Call people on their shit!