What's Love got to do with it?? February 10, 2015 19:53

FullSizeRender-14 Whats love got to do with it?... EVERYTHING!! and it's not just from the one you choose as your partner, spouse, significant other, friend, pet...it takes a little more than that!  You've got to love YOU before you can share the love you are born with as babies.  AND, you have got to NURTURE that love and Water it, take care of it, surround it, preach it....rediscover it time and again! Throughout our lives everyone we meet has a story, or they have let someone else write their story. Oftentimes, I have seen friends and strangers spending so much time on the things that they think will bring them love only to find out that no matter how hard they pursued it, they keep going for more, not knowing that the very thing they seek is already within them but they haven't changed their story.  Some people will wait their whole lives for Love in the form of a relationship because they did not seek the love they find.  They sought it with a closed heart or a blockage that came upon them by someone else and they kept writing that same story until they found out that a new paragraph needed to get written so that the heart wasn't covered up in a padlock of fear. What I'm trying to say here is, if you play the victim of the very thing that hurt you, you will not be ready to love someone or something else until you cross that threshold of being open to love, you've had got to change your STORY.

"Nothing ever goes away, until it teaches us what we need to know " Pema Chodron

I have a great life and a great Husband and dog. It had taken a good portion of our early years to learn to trust in our relationship and he wasn't doing anything wrong.  He stayed the true gentleman that he is and was so patient with me.  HE LOVED me even when I couldn't love myself fully .  You see, I was a child of divorce, there was a lot of abandonment's and I learned to be really stubborn and very independent from a very small age. I built walls around me so that the pain I masked couldn't touch the innermost parts of me... My story was, I didn't feel validated or have a sense of belonging.  Many people and friends took me in and I went with open arms but when I hugged them I held on tight and I gave everything of me without saving anything for myself so I created patterns of love that was sweet and honest but I always came back empty handed in the love for myself. Once I continued to be loved unconditionally by my man and knew it was there to stay, I began to unravel the layers and find comfort in the belonging of my own body and my own thoughts.  The triggers came and went where people and things came and went and I didn't get my validation card punched again.... Slowly I learned that all your love can't come from one person, and they certainly can't come from things.  You learn to accept yourself as you are and not play small to make others comfortable or abide by others fears.  You learn to love the person you've always been and then the joy you find in things will be lovable again because you are holding them with a different perspective than you once did. You enjoy people and things a whole lot more because you learn to respect those that love you more than you'll ever dream, you keep them close.

"Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to truth " Pema Chodron

FEAR is a big blocker to LOVE...a lot of friends and myself included have wasted many years walking with closed hearts because of triggers and confusion in us that we didn't feel BRAVE or even love ourselves enough to let someone else in... On this Valentines week, lets just be open and let things happen as they should.  Be BRAVE, push FEAR aside and let LOVE WIN!! Have your peace within so you can love yourself enough to LOVE others deeply, and with open arms... Whats Love got to do with it ???  Loving you enough so you can love others!!