What inspires YOU? February 24, 2015 14:36


What inspires me most days is the color of things and sometimes when we don't know it they pop up in our daily lives.  In my peace within office, I have a large, long wire attached across the room full of clothespins and inspirations.  A lot of the stuff hanging is color combos that I want to bring to my clothing line. Oftentimes I forget I'm using the same colors over and over and need to change it up here and there to bring in more choices.

In my new life transition, its only been a couple of months, I have focused on getting my body back and that includes this smoothie everyday!! It inspired me to put the two colors together for my new dog lover t-shirt! .  Oftentimes I'll just go shopping in the weirdest places and sometimes just online to get my imagination going .

Everyone has ways of being Inspired.  I find people and words very uplifting and of course my walks in the northwest bring peace and inspiration also, but sometimes just the towel colors out of the current Pottery Barn catalog will get my juices flowing.

I find it very interesting that many of my artist friends or strangers happen to be the hippest.  I find that they can pull off a great outfit or get away with a really out there combo of stripes and solids or mixing colors that no one else would ever try. Whats also interesting is they are somewhat quirky and weird or downright hilarious!  Oh how I love artist and being one myself!!  I embrace my quirkiness and all my imperfections and so should you!  So don't judge yourself for ordering the same thing every time at the Mexican restaurant, or sometimes only buying the wine with the cool labels....or simply judging a book by its cover?? Embrace the fact that you are so happy with so little, or see the joy in the simple things. Embrace that you can step out of your comfort zones or simply walk in them in those purple shoes or that hideous fabric. You are being YOU and that is OKay!

Now go out there and inspire someone and be inspired, do what you are called to do and step out into the world, quirkiness greendogtempand all !! Life is beautiful, enjoy your peace within!