Happiness ? Yes! getting away from the distractions... February 5, 2015 15:06 3 Comments

FullSizeRender-8Amazing morning started with a Barre class and a great article with my cup of hazelnut coffee. As I write today I am glowing in my life and how I feel. My dog is close by waiting for his daily walk, the rain doesn't phase me, we walk when we need to walk ! So do you realize that when you are open to your life you "see" things more clearly?  Do you sometimes get a glimpse of it but then lose it altogether once again ?  The reason for this is , you are NOT living your life !  you are living and floating in someone elses! Or you are attached to something that you need to learn and it's not going to go away until you face that fear of the attachment itself .  My last post was about "triggers" and I guess this might be a part 2 in some way but I came across a blog by Dr. Jodi Prinvalli that was posted on Sarah S. blog and woah was the timing perfect!  It was titled, The fine art of Not being offended. Me just going into a huge new life transition and many dog walks with friends, it came to me!  I am open and ready to receive...yes life works this way when you are living your authentic life..!   Okay, I know I need to stay on track... So a huge amount of support and friends , too many to name have poured into my world this past month and then some have been a distraction of some sort and keeping me off my focus on peace within. As the article starts, she teaches how to master this art and be on the road to your own peace within or rather to get back on the bike or horse or whatever you ride into the sunset with :)  "In order to truly be able to see that every statement, action or reaction of another human being is the sum result of their total life experience to date "   Woah nelly ! how true is that of all of us??? and oh how much kinder we should be?? "...the majority of people in our world say and do what they do from their own set of fears, conclusions, defenses and attempts to survive"   shut the front door!  are you writing this down?? :) Most of the things people say whether they mean it or not has nothing to do with us, I thought that was profound and a great way to look at things in a diff light, it is teaching us to be better listeners.  These things are usually said when they were the opposite persons "TRIGGERS" from their childhood or even adult life. Me being a Libra and somewhat sensitive, it has been a lot of time spent on other people's reactions or actions.  I am a fixer and a people pleaser and I have spent so many years stuck in other people's messes or being that loyal friend that held someone elses secrets but never received that loyalty back from those that dropped a bomb.  Who did that hurt most?? ME! Finally learning to read the triggers of your life and a few years of growing up (we are never done) it is now a closer walk to peace within and a journey to enjoy things and people a lot more! The moral of the story is, that we have to stop taking things personal and remember that all the people we meet are "...swimming in the projections and filters of each others life experiences and often we are just the stand-ins, the chess pieces of life which our loved ones have their own built-in reactions"   "Almost every time we get offended, we are actually just in a misunderstanding" Four years ago I came across Pema Chodron, she was an english teacher before she became a monk/nun.  She taught me a lot about attachments and lord did that change everything for me... I am a child of a large family with divorced parents at a very young age and so there are many triggers of abandonment etc in life that seem to creep in every now and then.  They make me the strong woman I am today and they definitely help in learning to detach from the reactions of other people.  As you know we have to remind ourselves of peace within , we will always have down days but growing pains are a big part of life. "When we know that our inherent worth is not determined by what another says, does or believes, we can take the world a little less seriously"  :)  Please let this be your motto everyday and see how much happier we are and how much more peace within we can have.  YOU CAN DO IT !!  Life is really an amazing thing! surround yourself with things that bring you to your happy place and be gentle, very gentle with the lost souls you meet along the way.  Thank you Dr. Prinivalli !