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Fear Stories and their hidden agendas July 2, 2019 10:32

This morning I was up at 7 and at a coffee shop to meet a stranger by 8. I knew we had something in common and in the same line of work.  I decided, even though I am not a morning person , that I needed to get off my arse and go meet her for coffee.  Part of this next chapter for me is figuring out how to start it and what is going to be my new normal.  To be honest, it has been a struggle , a good one that is a building block to what I will do next.  At first I didn't like it and I have been  approaching it slowly and trying to figure it all out in my own little heart and head.

But instead of dwelling on all that I'm gonna change it up a little and get out of that little black hole and stop chasing the beavers down there.

Lets face it, we all have "fear" based stories we've been telling and not matter how positive you are , they are there in everyone but not everyone is willing to share them or pull them out of their pocket.  I have always been a believer in "triggers". Triggers have saved my life and started me in a much larger direction once I realized what they were.  They helped keep my anxieties at bay and they made me a much softer person in general.  They have also made me talk about them outloud! 

Ive been reading a Gabrielle Bernstein book lately and it been a great lesson in perspective and is just what I needed to conquer this next chapter.   She was telling a story about a guy that was dating a woman who triggered all of his insecurities and he was going to break up with her and Gabrielle had to tell him all the positive things in dating her and what he was missing out on !  The guy grew up with thinking he was never good enough and the lady was joking around with him and saying stuff that triggered those insecurities. 

"your projecting your old fear story onto a totally innocent situation"


He was then told that it was a perfect assignment for him to face his fear because what Gabrielle teaches is that the world we live in is life and people are our assignments in this lifetime of ours.

What does this have to do with me and the next chapter in a new town ??? Well.....just about everything!!  instead of trying to get to 60 in one year, I have 9 more years as a first goal to see what life has to teach me.  I have had experiences with friends old and new that are triggering something in me .  You may have them too??  If only you knew what they were and if you dont, please ask and I can walk you through them!

Trust me, if you want to have peace within , your gonna have to do the work, even me , "the peace within girl" .

Today, as you go about your life, think about your fear based stories you have been telling for so long and close the book on those.  Don't play victim, change things up and go a spend time with strangers.  Be open and listen to the messages .  Look at everything as an assignment or a chapter to what is next and be FREE!!  If you are needing a new book I strongly suggest you pick up Gabrielle Bernstein's, The universe has your back.

Love always wins over FEAR and life is such an amazing journey.  Get out there and kick the hidden agendas wide open, do not push them aside, take them on like a BOSS.