its the little things.... January 28, 2015 14:51 3 Comments

This morning at my Starbucks meeting with a friend I saw another friend on her bike in the drive thru lane about to purchase her morning cup of joe!  I rushed to my bag to grab my wallet and make her purchase before she got to the window to pay.  Why am I sharing this?? its not for accolades or pats on the back, its to remind you and all of us, its the little things... So I was tickled pink and smiling from my little quick moves and sneakiness and it felt so good to make someone else's day! Now hold on, don't be thinking too much into it. Rather, take a look at yourself, do you feel like your true self when doing nice things ??  Is your soul shining bright? My point here is this whole January I have been aware of the things that make me feel most myself is when I'm doing good or when I am connected with a friend who is like-minded and has soul.  I'm my happy-go-lucky self and I want this feeling all the time....and those are the people you should be spending your time with... " You can always tell when someone is connected to their soul because you love how you feel around them. Its like their soul is persuading yours to shine" Lori Harder, The Bliss Project Do you need to make some little changes in your life ? Big or small, its the little things .....and it's not about paying it forward all the time or at all...its about being happy inside, having those little moments where your heart and soul are connected with your eyes and heart.