About Us

Name: Rebecca Armstrong

Passions: helping people be their own authentic self and not being afraid...of ANYTHING!

Fetishes: paper and shoes

1st loves(Sport): Cycling, Hiking, Kayaking, SUP Boarding

Inspirations: colors, fonts, nature, shabby, a little boho, combining prints with solids.

Superstitions:  I eat a popcycle every night before bed, been doing that since my youth however they are a tad healthier.

Favorites:  Starbucks Coffee, bloody marys and all things DOG.

True Loves: My husband Jeff and my four legged children, currently Chloe(not picutred)

Biggest Fear: Snakes


peacewithin. is a happy apparel company created to inspire confidence in our own hopes and dreams. We are based out of the beautiful resort town of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

peacewithin. carries soft, comfortable, inspiring, and earth friendly products. So whether you're looking for t-shirts, hats, pants, bags, etc., we offer a variety of unique products to choose from.